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Physics and the Neuroscience of Mind

by Dr. Joe Dispenza

In the world we live, called 3-dimensional reality, most of us function as materialists using our senses to define reality. We have become conditioned into placing our attention on objects, things, people, places, and time. To many of us, if we cannot see it, hear it, taste it, smell it, and feel it, it does not exist. In fact, in this realm, we believe that time is linear, predictable, and predetermined--that there is a definite past, present, and future. However, there is alternate immaterial reality--which exists beyond our senses--where there are infinite possibilities all happening in the eternal present moment. There are no objects, no things, no people, no places, and no time there. You and I have access to that field of information because we have all the biological and neurological machinery to connect to it. Science has named it the unified field--an invisible field of energy that unifies and governs all the laws of nature.

When we live with our continuous focus on matter, we feel separate from this field of energy. Once we learn how to connect to the unified field, we feel less separation and thus, more wholeness, more oneness, more love, and more unified with it.