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Therapeutic Clay Class

When we are born into this world our mind is a blank slate, tubla rasa. As we grow, our life experiences bring stress to our mind and body. As humans, we need to learn to relieve or channel our stress in order to have a healthier life. Some of us can do this on our own, some of us need assistance. Getting assistance makes for a smart individual.

No matter what age or gender, stress is stress! Everyone's stress level is different but everyone has stress whether it's little children, teenagers, stay at home moms, doctors, lawyers, custodians, or office managers.

This class is not for creating an art form that can be taken home but rather in a therapeutic way. The clay is used along with counseling techniques and, of course, a positive attitude to help relieve stress and cleanse your mind. This slowly helps heal your body from the physical effects caused by stress.

This "therapeutic clay" class is great for families, couples, or any individual who wants to relieve stress, and heal their mind and body in a natural way.

December 3rd, 2-4 pm, $70

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