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Prenatal Yoga

12/16/2017 @ 12:30 pm - 01:30 pm
RSY Surya Room

For the longest time, Aphinya did not envision herself as being a mom. But, after finding the right partner, she stopped resisting the idea because, well, it just felt right. And even though she knew motherhood was supposed to be all about love and joy, she wasn’t feeling very joyous as her body changed during her pregnancy.

She prepared her body and mind as best she could getting advice, encouragement, and support along the way. And now, after having experienced pregnancy, labor, delivery, and months of awakening at all hours, Aphinya is ready to share the practice she developed during and after her pregnancy with all the moms-to-be out there. She had unwavering faith in her practice because she felt she had one of the best teachers and is now ready to pass this on to you.

This class is designed to prepare your body, mind, and emotions for your upcoming labor as well as any anxiety you may encounter along the way.

You will move, You will breathe, and You will support each other. You will learn what Aphinya learned to prepare you for a smooth and easy labor and delivery.

Aphinya Deley
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Aphinya Deley is an E-RYT (Experienced registered yoga teacher) 200 & RYT 500.

She has been practicing yoga since 2001, earned her certification in 2005, and passionately continues advancing her knowledge, her practice, and her teachings.

Aphinya’s primary consideration is to instruct students to practice yoga from a place of empowerment and well-being. She is renowned for her skill to break down challenging postures into component parts and teach them progressively so that her students can practice at their level. She challenges her students to understand the mechanics of their physical bodies, while providing guidance for those who choose to deepen a spiritual practice. She is also known for creative sequencing, and real-life philosophy. She is celebrated for a teaching style that is precise, inspired and cheerful.

Moreover, she enjoys working with her students in private, one-on-one sessions, where she may apply her deep knowledge of yoga to the individual's specific situation. Students may expect to learn valuable techniques to ease the body, encourage well-being, and unlock new depths while practicing yoga.

Aphinya has a great sense of humor and is easy going. She is enthusiastic about health (mind/body/spirit), cooking, reading, practicing yoga, appreciating life and all the challenges that come with it.

Aphinya offers both group and private classes. For private classes, please email her at or call 716-704-9997 to set up your sessions. 1 private session is $60, 3 private sessions are $165 and 5 private sessions are $250

Some free yoga tips which you can practice at home, please visit her YouTube channel.

“I met Aphinya about two years ago when I took an introduction to yoga class with her. I had been taking pilates for many years on and off and thought I knew what yoga was all about. I assumed it was the same poses – just holding them longer. After my first session with Aphinya, I realized how wrong I was! She explained and demonstrated the poses the way they are supposed to be done and my body felt it more in that one session than ever before. She is a master yoga instructor. Her demonstrations on how to align your body so that you are focusing on the right muscles is amazing to me. She has taught me that yoga is not only physical but spiritual and mindful as well. I always knew that I controlled the thoughts in my mind and not the other way around. Aphinya lives that and helps her students remember that as well. Every time I leave a session with her, I feel stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel blessed to have found such an authentic teacher who is so sincere, kind and patient. Her passion for what she does comes through every single time I work with her. Thank YOU, Aphinya!” Paula Terranova