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Practical Tips for Changing Children's Nutrition

I’ve never placed the responsibility for my health, or the health of my family on government, doctors or anyone else. The interests of government and big business are seldom in alignment with what’s in my best interest, or the interest of my family. The real answer is for all of us to step up to the plate (or better yet, clean up what we put on the plate) and get the job done ourselves. Believe me, it’s worth it!


The Key to the Fountain of Youth - Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

According to ABC news reporting, the people in a village in Japan live a long long time. An unusually long time. So much so that the attention of medical investigators was captured and after a careful analysis of every single detail of their lifestyle, it was determined that they are unusually long lived because of their diet which contains high amounts of hyaluronic acid from starchy root vegetables.


Cellular Build Research Update

Nucleotides may work with STRESS and Candida, too!


How Healing Became a Commodity - Part III

[The] losers are the future; the winners, the past. And it takes an extraordinarily perverse view of progress to think that protecting the past is the best path to the future.


How Healing Became A Commodity - Part II

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Whoever coined that phrase didn't have healthcare in mind, but it certainly applies.


How Healing Became A Commodity - Part I: The Story of Soap

Health Care is the single largest sector of the US economy


CoEnzyme-Q10 - it's more than for the heart!

In this day and age of diseases with unknown origins to super-bugs that seem to be resistant to everything that modern medicine has to throw at them, it is imperative to look outside the western medicine box. There is a vast array of alternative therapies that are truly impacting disease processes where they start, the cellular level.


Mirror Mirror on the Wall... What can you tell me of my Health????

We can tell a lot about our health from a glance in the mirror. Do we look tired, or are we full of youthful radiance? Is it a bad hair day or is our hair turning gray? Puffy eyes, red eyes, lines or wrinkles, we all study our faces in the mirror in hopes of finding out important health information each day.



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