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Ruth Shewan began her yoga practice in 2001 to reduce stress and find balance. She has been practicing ever since and has been a student of spiritual growth practices since she was a young girl. She is also a practicing animal communicator and intuitive.

Other passions include singing, playing piano and other instruments, gardening, hiking, biking, fostering friendships and family relationships, and living a joy-filled life. Ruth's greatest desires in life are to be mindful of living in her heart, and helping others discover their own spiritual nature and how much they are loved.

She retired from public school teaching in 2016 after teaching Instrumental Music for 32 years to pursue her three passions in life: teaching yoga, dog training, and spiritual growth. In April of 2017, she completed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at Rising Sun Yoga. In September of 2017, she received her dog training certification. In October of 2017, she begins teaching the course, Your Spiritual Toolbox.

Ruth does have another goal and that is to become a Master Gardener in 2018.