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More Than Just Postures

Our new education series will focus on your potential, your innate abilities, and what's really happening to your body when you think and feel. We will also discuss the concept of self-love, healing yourself, and how to make it all possible via meditation and prayer, emotional freedom techniques and Tapping.

We will lead you as you explore the boundaries of your thoughts, your feelings, and your beliefs. All of this will be done in a loving, caring environment that keeps you safe and comfortable.

Our series starts October 1st with Your Spiritual Toolbox, a 4-week course facilitated by Michael Sutton and Ruth Shewan.

In November, we will feature Essential Oils & Yoga with Kelly Kubiak and Foundations of Meditation with Tracy Draksic.

December will see Dr. Graig Shapiro, D.C., who was very popular last winter, work with you on your Form, Mobility, and Recovery.

January will introduce Reprogram Your Brain - The Science of Changing Your Mind with Carol Cowan, and Breath Training with Michael on January 19th.

February will see The Art of Joyful Living by Tracy Draksic.

March brings EFT - The Transformational Tool with Carol Cowan once again.