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Thank you Michael. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but am very pleased. My husband and I went over the foods list in some detail - and talked about our meeting as well as affirmations. I anticipated some positive changes, starting with easy to understand things such as knowing what is beneficial to eat and the cleansing aspect we talked about. It makes sense - I was looking for instruction that didn't just concentrate on one aspect of health (i.e. yoga moves, or only nutrition, or just supplements, etc.) so, I'm glad that I contacted you and feel it was a good choice in that aspect! There was a lot of info but that is what I was hoping for! I look forward to much continued learning.

- Kelly

My last eye appointment was rather disturbing as my doctor noted that the pressure in my eyes indicated that I have early-stage Glaucoma. After consulting with Michael, my herbalist, I began using an herbal combination that, 3 months later, has brought the pressure in my eyes back to normal. Oh yeah, one additional vision has also improved.

- Jennifer Rizzo

One year ago I was diagnosed with pre-glaucoma. The pressure reading in both eyes was quite high. Soon thereafter, Michael suggested that I begin to use an herbal formula, Perfect Eyes, on a daily basis. To my astonishment, the next appointment with the ophthalmologist showed the pressure in my eyes was greatly reduced.

- Kate Smith

For years I have experienced grumbling and indigestion in my stomach. For months the grumbling was noticeably loud, so I discussed a possible reason for this condition with Michael to determine its probable cause. I am now happy to report that I am free of those embarrassing sounds simply by taking a digestive enzyme that is suitable for my situation.

- Kate

My son suffers from hayfever during the spring time. Michael suggested he use a digestive enzyme and an herbal combination of burdock, histablock, and ALJ.Since then, he hasn't used an antihistamine for the last two pollen seasons.

My other son suffered from chronic swimmers ear for several years and was on continuous antibiotics. Michael suggested he go on a probiotic and, since then, he has not had any ear infections and has been antibiotic free.

- Kristin

I had acid reflux and have been taking medications to combat this problem for years. However, since I started taking the Probiotic Eleven and the Proactazyme Plus, I no longer suffer from upper GI problems and have no need of the medications. Yippeee!

- Sue

I suffer from Systemic Lupus Eyrothematosis and Fibromyalgia. As a result, my joints and muscles are inflamed, achy and painful. I began an herbal supplement program eight months ago and now have improved mobility in my neck and shoulders with a significant reduction in pain throughout my joints. My quality of life has improved tremendously.

- Maddie Valentic

During the 28 day cleanse, I found it easy to stop eating the foods on the "avoid" list like sugar, white flour, wheat, dairy, meat, eggs, cheese, caffeine and alcohol. The nutritional shakes with fresh fruit were delicious and satisfying. I had a feeling of being well-cared for throughout and not of deprivation. I noticed an absence of all PMS symptoms, physical and emotional. Best of all I now feel calm, energized and alert with a renewed commitment to healthy eating habits. I would highly recommend this fast to anyone wanting to strengthen, renew and jump start to a healthy life-style.

- Mary Heavern Schraven
School Teacher

I have so thoroughly enjoyed yoga since I started with Rising Sun in July. I've always been active and busy and thought yoga would be too slow for me...not a good workout. Yet, while I have continued to do my other aerobic activities, I have incorporated yoga into my routine and found that it has been amazing for me. Among other things, I've noticed I have been able to avoid the abdominal tire I would normally have by January. And I've noticed that I am much, much more flexible than I have been in years.

In addition to the physical benefits (there are more), I have found a certain calming effect, maybe even verging on a spiritual calmness. I love coming in to the studio, where Michael and Susan are both happy and enthusiastic to teach and help. I love how both of them are so helpful with our poses and our progress. I look forward to learning so much more.

Thanks for providing such a great space to practice and learn about yoga.

- Leslie Kramer

Yoga is an integral part of my athletic training. As a two time Ironman triathlete and three time marathon competitor, my body is conditioned to the repetitive motions of swimming, biking and running. I have learned from Michael the importance of breath control and overall flexibility. My core strength has increased significantly as has my overall athletic performance.

- Bruce Levine

There is a big difference between taking yoga from someone who is just doing the moves and someone who understands the practice. Rising Sun not only awakens the body, but the mind and spirit too.

- Beth MacKay

Our lives can be so intense juggling work, family and day-to-day living. I wanted to find a place to go that would quiet my mind and body, that would take me within and allow me to listen to what I have been missing for so long. I can't believe I waited to try this... it is wonderful!

- Donna Meidenbauer

I had always wanted to try yoga but never had the time - I was intimidated, especially considering I haven't been able to touch my toes in twenty years! I learned very quickly, however, that anyone can do this!

- Susan Nowicki

Since I began practicing yoga and using herbs, my life has changed dramatically. My joints are less painful, my range of motion is improved, and my muscles are more flexible. I have less inflammation and pain allowing me to enjoy a better quality of life like ball room dancing, longer bike rides and more enjoyable walks. Also, the breathing exercises along with certain herbs have helped to eliminate my asthma attacks entirely.

- Maddie

After breaking both ankles several years ago, I figured the lingering discomfort was due to arthritis and aging. One ankle was so weak and painful that it was difficult to walk. When I first started studying yoga, I never thought that yoga would provide the strength and relief that my ankles needed. Within months of my first lesson, I was free from pain for the first time in almost 20 years.

- Kate Smith

Perhaps the most rewarding of all the benefits I have experienced in yoga is the many friendships I have developed at Rising Sun. Many of the students are now my friends and I am quite close with them. I find that as I get to know my self better through the study of yoga and the practice of meditation, I am able to understand myself and those around me in a much more holistic way.

- Kate Smith

Thanks for a wonderful class yesterday! I have become so aware of my posture lately and I almost crave time to practice asanas that brings me into alignment. Its very difficult for me to maintain posture during everyday activities because my body's "memory," if you will, is to cave inward. Awareness is always the first step to correcting anything we wish to change, so I am grateful for the awareness!

- Becky

After 1 year of yoga with Michael, I am enjoying physical and emotional benefits that I didn't think were possible. My arms and shoulders are much stronger and significantly healed from a work-related injury of a few years ago. My flexibility is greater, my stamina improved, and my posture noticeably better.

I find that I am taking better care of my self because I feel better emotionally and physically. Lastly, the friendships I've made and the support I receive in class are invaluable.

- Carol

After 4 years of studying yoga, I am much more aware of the needs and reactions of my physical body and find that I am happier as a result. I notice and purposefully respond to my body rather than my body controlling what I do.

I am more peaceful since I am able to calm my self when needed. Controlling the body is a result of an increased awareness of the mind and how it connects to the body. I find that I can now quiet myself actively rather than allowing upset to take over. I am able to keep a calm demeanor at work and at home and am better equipped to help my family work through disagreements or tension.

As a music performer and teacher, I have become more compassionate and understanding of others, as the sense of peace has developed within me. I have learned to be comfortable with my self. When I see physical tension developing in my students, I can show them movements that are preventative and therapeutic.

- Leslie Bahler

After studying yoga in a more challenging level 2 class, Michael has helped me overcome my fears regarding the more difficult postures like head stand. I can now hold the Warrior Poses for longer periods of time and actually feel energized and strengthened rather than depleted. I have seen myself grow stronger physically which has helped me emotionally too. This has given me the courage to make difficult changes in my life. I am actually looking forward to other gifts a regular yoga practice will give me.

- Mary Heavern Schraven
School Teacher

Having experienced sexual abuse as a child, I became very angry as an adult as I found myself not being able to focus on anything but the past. A few years ago, I started practicing yoga simply as a form of exercise to help control my weight. I found, to my surprise, that Michael's teachings and encouragement combined with the yoga postures, afforded me the opportunity to let go of my past. I now find that I am living more in the present and it is a much more exciting life to live.

- Sue G

Tim Shelgren has a gentle spirit and he's very enthusiastic about yoga and sharing its beauty. He stayed focused, moved smoothly from one pose to the next and got many poses in. He has a big emphasis on breathing which I really need to work on and learn myself. I'd take his class again.

- Mary Burke

You know, Michael, I thank you every time I practice yoga, because you've taught me so much - about alignment, especially.

- Elaine K

Michael, I'm so glad I finally made it to one of your classes. That was the best yoga class I've ever attended. There were many really good things about the class, including the small size, friendly classmates, the light coming through the window, (no awful smells, ha ha, as in "Fish Taco", eew!) and especially your style.

You seemed to keep an eye on the class and I really appreciated being "adjusted" here and there. I thought I had pretty good posture until you made an adjustment and that made all the difference.

- Karen


I thoroughly enjoyed saturday's class -
from the words you chose
to the poses to the energy of the room.

thank you

- Janine F


You give a lot of yourself to all of us.... I am so fortunate to have found you during this horrible time in my life. I get much more than I give. And you give so much. You were so kind to my cousin too.

- Kathy


I was minding my own business, practicing for an important chamber music program, when I started experiencing physical difficulties. When I realized I was losing motion on my right side, I went to the ER at Gates Circle. Spent five scary days there in diagnosis and evaluation. The neurosurgeons said I had a congenital tumor in the left side of my brain, called a cavernoma that oozed a little blood and caused the problems. They also said surgery to remove the tumor was riskier than leaving it alone. They recommended that I go to a rehab unit to start the work needed to regain what use I could of my right arm and leg. I went to Kenmore Mercy, which turned out to be a wise choice.

The physical therapy team at KMH employs standard procedures and a lot of experience and variety when they work with their patients. They take what they know and tailor the learning process to each person. I approached the rehab process with interest and curiosity: how are they going to make me better? how will they take my leg and arm from no ability to some ability? can they get me back to the way I was before this all happened? how long might this all take?

It turned out that almost all of the physical (lower body) therapy and strengthening rehab work simulated movements that I learned in yoga classes I had been taking at Rising Sun Yoga. I was so pleased! This meant that I already knew the correct physical form and posture, so I knew what I was working towards.

Just as you simplified the physical movements and skills required in class, I would do the same with the therapists instructions breaking them down into smaller steps. I could succeed this way. When rehab was done for the day, after dinner and before breakfast, while I was stuck in a bed or in a wheelchair, I would do yogic breathing or meditation, for overall balance. This was also a time that I did the stretching and opening warmups (as much as I could) that you taught us in the Level One classes particularly working on maintaining good posture...a straight spine.

Because of the things I already knew from yoga classes, I was able to take personal responsibility for my own recovery, working for hours on my own time away from the therapists.

It all came together: the accurate diagnosis, the expert teams of doctors and therapists teaching me, the knowledge of how to move that I had learned from practicing yoga, my own resolve to work hard towards a deeply desired goal of full rehabilitation, the amazing sessions I had with my reflexologist, and the huge support of friends and family. It all enabled me to walk out of Kenmore Mercy Hospital (with a cane) 25 days after I entered there in a wheelchair.

I thank you for everything you have taught me, Michael. Your knowledge, friendship and wisdom got me through these very tough months. It was a wonderful day coming back to class at Rising Sun Yoga and picking right up where I left off, continuing to learn and grow.

- Leslie Bahler

Holy cow, Mike...I swear I had some sort of breakthrough/epiphany last night in your class. I am usually as flexible (in my legs) as an oak tree, and my muscles always fight me tooth and nail through every inch of stretch. But last night they just relaxed and accepted the gradual stretch, and it felt really good. Awesome, in fact. They were relaxed, yet actively giving into the stretch at the same time which seems paradoxical.

And they still feel great this morning. My upper body muscles are a little sore from the pulling and maybe just from trying to maintain good posture throughout, but overall it was fantastic. I am definitely going to fit that stretch into my normal daily routine just while reading the paper or a book, or playing a video game.

So thank you for that!


- Dan Druzbik

About Nicole's Yoga Nidra Classes:

" With Nicoles guidance, I am able to get to a deep state of relaxation that I am ordinarily not able to do on my own. After practicing yoga nidra, I sleep very soundly and wake up refreshed."

Tiffany Jadoo, Buffalo, NY

"The level of relaxation I reach with yoga nidra is deeper than with other yoga. Nicole is a great teacher who makes everyone comfortable and welcome. Thanks Nicole”

Greg Bravo, Kenmore, NY

“I leave Nicole’s yoga nidra class totally weightless and my thoughts free and calm”

Jill Kashin, Amherst, NY

“A very relaxing and calming class. A nice way to end the day and let go of all the stress and busy-ness”

Carol Greetham


Hello Michael,
Since attending the Reconnective Workshop presented by Elizabeth Polito, I just want to say thank you for having her at your studio because I'm really benefiting from it! Not only is my Reynauds less severe than it has been, but my symptoms with candida are clearing up.

I truly believe I'm in a process of healing, emotionally as well. Just having that connection and knowing the energy is there is helping me in so many ways! I have to admit, I was a little skeptical and even fearful, at first, but after a few confirmations, I knew I was in the right being the quote by Gandhi: "Be the change you wish to see in the world" and the other was a longer passage read during Savasana by Marrian Wiliamson. It speaks truth to who I am, as a result of my fear, but also to who I'm becoming through the recognition of my true reality here, which is Love. So beautiful!

Anyways just thought to share with you. My friend Marsha really enjoyed it too, she called me up later that night, really thankful for having attended. So thank you again!

- Amanda

I love the meditative aspect of yoga and do yoga as a moving mediation rather than specifically for the physical aspect of it (although that's a plus!), and I enjoy all styles and levels. I really enjoyed qi gong as well...hopefully there will be more qi gong classes in the future?

I like Kundalini yoga for meditation as well. One thing that I really like from all the yoga classes that I've seen is that all the teachers work with the students to make sure there is proper alignment and give tips for micro-changes that make a big difference in the poses. Even though I have taken yoga for a few years, I have definitely learned new things from each class, including the beginner ones.

- Troi
Yoga Student


Thank you sooooo much for tonight's class. It was everything I needed. It was the first time I have ever cried in a class. I felt the physical manifestation of the pain and then suddenly my emotions went crazy and the tears came. It was very healing. Thank You.


- Rich