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Our Beginnings

The words 'Rising Sun' first appeared decades before the actual yoga studio opened its doors. In a dream, as an idea, these words that continued to appear before me, in literature, and finally as a street name that I lived on, Sun Rise Lane. It was then that I knew that whatever the business I started next, it would be called 'Rising Sun ...'.

The doors to the first studio opened in April of 2006 when, through a series of events not foreseen or even desired, Rising Sun Yoga became a reality. Starting with 4 classes each week, the studio grew utilizing a meditation practice that used visualization, desire, and the feeling state. This original studio was located in Snyder and grew to 22 classes per week.

Four years after first opening, it was time to explore new avenues and in 2010, we moved to our current location in Georgetown Square. We have grown since then and have developed a wonderful, loving community where new friendships were made and hopes turned to reality.

We welcome you to our space and hope you enjoy what we offer!