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The Forgotten Therapy - Sleep and Rest

The average person living in the United States in 1900 got 9 hours of sleep each night. By 1963, the average person was only getting 8.5 hours of sleep per night. By 2002, the average person only got about 6 hours of sleep during the week and 8 hours on weekends, for an average of about 7 hours per night. This means that the average person is suffering from a sleep debt of about 1.5 to 2 hours per night.


Are You Suffering from Sleep Debt?

Lack of sleep affects your mood and your performance. It makes it harder for you to concentrate, which means you’re not as productive at work. Sleep debt can make you irritable or depressed and otherwise affect your mood. You even age more quickly when you don’t get enough sleep.


7 Miracles for Depression

I said, “That’s no excuse, we are ALL dying, that’s part of life, but until your heart stops beating, I want you looking like you're living, and celebrating whatever you have!”


Natural Solutions to Endometriosis

A common cause of pelvic pain, endometriosis is a disorder where endometrial (uterine) tissue is found outside of the uterus. This tissue responds to hormonal changes in the menstrual cycle just like the uterine lining. It falls apart


Honey, It's Not Me, It's My Liver! PMS and Your Liver

Jokes help us defuse difficult and painful situations, which is why PMS is the brunt of many jokes. It’s no fun for women or their family members, when PMS creates feelings of anger, irritability, depression, moodiness or emotional sensitivity. I know we typically blame it on hormones, but I have a new one—look at the liver.


Emotional Issues Associated With PMS and Menopause

In modern medicine it’s popular to view mood changes as being caused by biochemical imbalances. It is believed that problems with messenger chemicals like hormones and neurotransmitters create mental and emotional health problems. That’s why the most popular treatment for problems like depression, anxiety and moodiness are drugs that mimic hormones and neurotransmitters.



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